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Safe Tech of Dayton

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Safe Tech of Dayton opens and repairs safes
Safe Tech of Dayton sells and services electronic key pads
2. Electronic code entered correctly opens safe the first time? 
3. Is the opening handle loose?
4. Drawing back the bolt work to open the door doesn’t take a large amount of force.
5. Have we changed the combination to the safe after a staff member is no longer with the company?

the check list

1. Does the safe dial turn freely without hesitation?

Electronic Safe Key Pads

Electronic locks still carry internal parts but most are sealed electronics and are not serviceable. 80% of the service calls that I have gotten on are due to a low battery or a broken cable, but some are complete lock failure.  
​Signs of future lock failure are, slow response after the correct combination has been entered, blinking red or green indicator lights, loose dial, and a need to reenter the combination multiple times. Some electronic locks are better than others and you do get what you pay for. 

Manual Safe Dials

Manuel dials can become sluggish due to internal parts that wear down over the years. The factory grease that these locks are packed in will accumulate dirt, dust, and even worn shavings from the lock. Restaurants are notorious for safe locks that fail due to the buildup of pizza dough, dust, and accumulation of food that fall into the locking systems when the safe is close to the food preparation area.
Safe Tech of Dayton sells and services safes locks

Why Safes and Vaults Fail

Treat your safe or vault as you would your vehicle.  At 3,000 miles a cars fluids need to be changed. If an engine is allowed to go pass that point, gumming of the internal parts will occur and over time possibly seize up due to non service. The same can be said for your safe or vault. They have internal parts that can and will break down over time due to non service.  As a Certified Safe Technician in Dayton, Ohio I've received calls from companies that have important documents, and payroll locked in a safe that can’t be opened because the maintenance of the safe had been overlooked for years.